• Genre:Electronic
  • Release date:28 May 2013


  1. Realism Is For Girls
  2. Stay Up Tonight
  3. Waiting For Wednesday
  4. No Self Control
  5. Keeping Secrets
  6. Sixteen & Free
  7. Room Service
  8. Brooklyn Angel
  9. Driving Back Home

MartyParty and Ooah are proud to present their to their long-awaited PillowTalk album, available now through The Glitch Mob’s Glass Air imprint.


  • Donovan Dominguez

    it’s a shame nobody as left a comment about how beautiful and talented pantyraid are you guys restored my inspiration to make music! love the pillowtalk abum

  • Dolly Pop

    Certainly know how to get MY panties in a twist :p

  • Shaun

    I jump around my music genres often. Glad I checked back! The new album is AWESOME!!! Pandora brought me back :)

  • Luke Mccain

    Yo I totally seen you in Atlanta you guys should totally come to Wichita there’s a big seen one of my friends is a promoter and will make it legit word I need to show these peepers how the A rolls and the pillow talk