PANTyRAiD 3.15.2013Starting as a collaboration between Martin Folb and Josh Mayer in 2008, PANTyRAiD has grown to be more than just a project. Maintaining successful solo careers as MartyParty and Ooah of The Glitch Mob, each Spring the duo sets off on a new musical journey and revives their yearly PANTyRAiDs at sold-out venues across the nation. Along with each celebrated season, their unique blend of sultry bass, melodic synths, and mischief-riddled hip hip beats with a hint of foreplay set the tone for another Summer of dance music.

MartyParty and Ooah have always shared the same appreciation for well-crafted dance music outside of the typical club-track production. The first glimpse of the PANTyRAiD vision was realized while worshiping the sun at Marty’s vacation home in Costa Rica. Recharging from packed tour schedules and hectic work life, the retrospective visit would be the catalyst for a new experience in a flourishing electronic music scene. During an era where high-intensity dubstep and over-the-top electro commanded the attention of the nation, PANTyRAiD was the answer to providing more dance floor real estate to the ladies.

Regardless of which genre, tempo, or style creeps in or out of fashion, a music interpretation aimed at moving hips into a rhythmic pocket of playful, sexy persuasion will always hold relevance across the ages. Constant variation in the beat and an almost overwhelming palette of instrumentation make attention to detail the one constant that carries through each and every PANTyRAID production.

This timelessness can be found throughout the PANTyRAiD catalog starting with the duo’s 2009 album The Sauce, a cult-classic among fans that can often be found on iTunes top Electronic Music Charts years later. In 2011, following Ooah’s Drink the Sea album with The Glitch Mob and ahead of MartyParty’s chart-topping Purple LP, the duo focused their collective production skilled on composing PANTyRAiD’s popular Superior release. Working out of their studios in Los Angeles and Brooklyn, NY, MartyParty and Ooah have completed the next evolution of the RAiD with a follow-up album due out by Summer of 2013.

Click Here to find a RAiD near you. For more about MartyParty visit http://martyparty.com. For more about Ooah visit http://facebook.com/glitchmobooah and follow his work with The Glitch Mob at http://theglitchmob.com.